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Welcome to Garmin Worldmaps we provide maps for Garmin GPS Units


Garmin WorldMap cover the most remote parts of the world. The maps include routable GPS maps of the world for Garmin compatible devices.  Over 120 Maps online! If the route takes you to secluded parts of the world, you can rely on the maps from Garmin WorldMaps. Each individual map provides cartographic information for your Garmin device. The maps show political boundaries, coastlines, cities, highways, important major roads, tracks and paths, lakes and rivers, urban areas and train lines.

All maps updated 2014/2015

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IMG_20140816_213146Autorouting works on all Garmin roads and topographic maps. In these maps are some errors and issues you should be aware of. The address search only works within a limited distance from where you are (prox 100-200 km). Many roads does not have house numbers so autorouting will often only lead you to the right road and not the house number you search. Autorouting only works within a limited distance from where you are, usually about 100-200 km. No garantiee is made. By downloading the maps you agree to use it at your own risk.

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